The largest crypto currency trading platform and the brokerage company in Asia

COINFOREX is the largest crypto currency trading platform and the brokerage company in Asia. Currently, our company has nearly 200 trading platform vendors, which continue to increase. In order to face with the high investment risk of crypto currency, COINFOREX plays the role of "Coin exchange-Broker platform". We provide “safe and appropriate choice of trading platform”, ” simplified crypto currency investment process”, and ”intimate service of the customer consultation” to customers. Our company can effectively avoid the risk of customers investing, we also make investors correctly understand the investment concept of crypto currency, and find the products customer needs.

In order to let customers quickly understand the various online trading platform vendors, COINFOREX’s teams research and consolidate the conclusion through consulting excellent traders, the customer service teams of the excellent trading platform vendors, and crypto currency master players in a long time, finally, we design a complete transaction evaluation system for crypto currency. In the system, we provide transparent information and total evaluation from trading platform vendors through calculating the proportion of all service. At the same time, we provide the suggestion on the operation of currency exchange accounts, we also help customers reflect investment issues and transaction disputes to trading platform vendors, and reduce doubts and risks of customers' investment in currency exchange market.

Company Vision

COINFOREX upholds the idea of "Customer-First”, ”Integrity and Responsibility" and the spirit of "Teamwork”, “Active Innovation", We have passion to serve our customer and transfer the knowledge of the crypto currency investment to them. Our ultimate goal is to find the best trading platform for our customers based on their own trading habits, trading methods, trading scale and trading strategies, we also expect to build a global service system for crypto currency, which make the currency exchange industry information transparent, and popularize the general public. In the future, both the supply side and the client side can confidently join the investment ranks of crypto currency through our continuous innovative thinking and products to expand the currency exchange market.

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Blackwell Global believes in reaching a world of infinite possibilities in trading and alternative investments. Our core values encompass a commitment to complete transparency, integrity and service excellence in all areas of our financial services.

Crypto Currency

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Crypto Currencies have attracted the attention of investors and traders, beginners and experts, believers and sceptics. No other asset in history has recorded such jaw-dropping growth, with Bitcoin prices skyrocketing from around $400 in January 2016 to above $4,000 by August 2017 only to cross $9,000 in November 2017. Moreover, digital currencies are among the most volatile assets, offering opportunities to enter and exit the market within a matter of hours.

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MetaTrader 5 is a free application for traders allowing to perform technical analysis and trading operations in the Forex and exchange markets.